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Ethics and Fair Competition

At Manfield, we emphasize fair competition and are committed to adhere to business ehtics. Therefore please be informed of the following ethical rules and regulations of the Company :

1Any form of request, demand or acceptance of any gifts with economic values from suppliers, representatives of suppliers or potential suppliers is prohibited.
2Our selection of suppliers and business, partners is based on competitive prices, reliable quality and timely delivery.Bribery procurement or preferential treatment is strictly forbidden.
3Our employees cannot accept or claim any amount of cash, gifts, privileges or hospitality, unless it is consistent with normal business practices (such as normal business meals or promotional gifts, etc)
4Employees must avoid or shall accurately report to the Company’s senior management any potential conflicts of interest between individuals and any business transaction.
5Without permission, employees shall not disclose confidential information of the Company to external person or employees within the Company who shall not be informed with such information in execution of their duties.

In the event of violation of above rules and regulations, the employee(s) involved will be dismissed and supplier who violate our Code of conduct will be disqualified from the supplier status.

We sincerely wish that you will co-operate in compliance with the above so jointly we can create a fair and healthy business environment.

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